“No News Is Good News” Is a Choice

An in-law just said the old phrase, “no news is good news, right?” after I commented about a slow news day I the USA (I’m in Toronto) with it being a holiday. I suppose so if the only news that you consume is mainstream television news that thrives on selling fear and gossip stories. I love reading my news because it is filled with scientific breakthroughs, incredible citizen journalism stories, 3D-printing, travel and hip-hop blog posts and arts events coming up in Brooklyn among other posts of my interest. I use Zite, Reddit, and sometimes Twitter and Prismatic to see what’s going on. Prismatic is mostly tech stuff but Zite has gotten to know me on a much deeper level over two-plus years of feeding it my data and preferences. Reddit, who knows until I hit my dashboard.

Some of it is bad news I suppose, but I am excited with anticipation every time I hit Zite or Reddit. To me , it’s mostly great news.

Maybe it’s similar to surrounding yourself with positive people.

What kind of people news do you surround yourself with?