Shochi what? Sochi who?


I LOVE winter sports. I play in an ice hockey league and snowboard regularly throughout the season. I LOVE the Olympics. I have not shared one thing on social media about the 2014 Sochi Olympics because I have not see one bit of the games except while in a restaurant or pub. However, I along with so many others have been yapping it up about House of Cards and True Detective. Why? Because NBC has locked their content and Netflix and HBO allow their content to spread easily. Showtime struggles against HBO because they are simply tighter with sharing abilities (login, Airplay) and less folks talk about them although their show are almost as good as HBO’s. Chatter about Game of Thrones is why so many people ended up buying the HBO package. FOMO (fear of missing out) ultimately equals more subscribers. I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on the Olympics because of the time difference and by the time they air, few are excited to post because the results are already in. I tried to download the viewing app, find streams online, but just gave up on the 2014 Games. There are too many GREAT shows available that I fear I’m missing out on. Aereo does solve the content sharing issue to an extent but only in a few cities and NBC and all the networks are fighting Aereo in legal battles. The time difference airing, albeit a separate issue, is related because it stymies sharing.

Granted, the unbundling of television packages is not a soon reality but those that open up now will be in a better position when it all unravels.


251 thoughts on “Shochi what? Sochi who?

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