Chasing The Travel Dragon


Melissa and I tend to travel quite often. The “best part of the trip” is always the unexpected part. In 2011, after a hurricane cancelled our flights to Burning Man, we decided to take our car to explore New England. It was magical; one destination after another recommended by a local blew us away. The pinnacle was having our first ever lobster roll overlooking the rocks of the Atlantic Ocean at The Lobster Shack near Two Lights, Maine. Groovy.

Fast forward two years (and several lobster rolls later) and we find ourselves in Boston with a Sunday day with nothing planned. “Let’s go to Maine!”. We were hungry, so we went back to The Lobster Shack, waited in long line and were disappointed with our rolls. They seemed meh. Portland was cute again, but yeah, great.

We decided to take the ferry to Peek’s Island with little knowledge of the island. We found bikes! We met a couple who were just married there. We circled the island, hung on the rocks and made up stories of a pair shoes we found near the rocks. It was easily “the best part of the trip.”

This tends to be the reason I don’t have a favorite restaurant, city, country, or even food, movie or color. To me, it’s always better to seek something new, visit the unfamiliar and be surprised. We’re not ones for going on the same vacation every year.

People are the wildcard, though. We like to visit friends wherever they may be because we know our time with them will be unique. We just have to make sure it’s a different neighborhood that we experience.

50 thoughts on “Chasing The Travel Dragon

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