Above The Clouds

I’m extremely impatient with technology. If we just landed on this planet, knowing what we know now, there wouldn’t be a need for automobiles that we have to drive, political borders or an economic system based on currency, blah blah blah.

However, no matter how many times I fly in an airplane, I am still in awe that we can so regularly be above the clouds. Can you imagine being one of the first humans to have such a view that was unreachable for thousands of years? I must have flown a few times as a kid because it has taken hundreds of flights to appreciate the soaring through the sky.

We talk about our kids growing up with touch screens and never appreciating the transition. We’ll continually and exponentially have so many of those first-time moments. The first AOL IM, YouTube view or @reply notification …do you remember any of those? I don’t. I’m going to try to embrace and appreciate those moments.

Now hurry up with my damn jet back and personal space flights!

(iPhone post – please pardon everything)


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