“No News Is Good News” Is a Choice

An in-law just said the old phrase, “no news is good news, right?” after I commented about a slow news day I the USA (I’m in Toronto) with it being a holiday. I suppose so if the only news that you consume is mainstream television news that thrives on selling fear and gossip stories. I love reading my news because it is filled with scientific breakthroughs, incredible citizen journalism stories, 3D-printing, travel and hip-hop blog posts and arts events coming up in Brooklyn among other posts of my interest. I use Zite, Reddit, and sometimes Twitter and Prismatic to see what’s going on. Prismatic is mostly tech stuff but Zite has gotten to know me on a much deeper level over two-plus years of feeding it my data and preferences. Reddit, who knows until I hit my dashboard.

Some of it is bad news I suppose, but I am excited with anticipation every time I hit Zite or Reddit. To me , it’s mostly great news.

Maybe it’s similar to surrounding yourself with positive people.

What kind of people news do you surround yourself with?


50 thoughts on ““No News Is Good News” Is a Choice

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